Sleep Deprivation: Why It’s No Joke For Visionaries

I remember exactly what I was wearing when I walked into the Kroger supermarket in Little Rock, Arkansas to buy light bulbs: dark blue jeans with two vomit stains from my 8-month-old, a black t-shirt with rice cake droppings and my hair was pulled back with two hair clips, Melissa Gilbert-esque Little House on the Praise style.

I felt alone and giddy. My boys who were both under two and half years old had finally entered morning care, I was just returning to work, my husband was traveling in Africa, and my family lived over 1,000 miles away.… READ MORE

8 day of bliss in Mallorca


Come spend a deeply restorative week in July surrounded by majestic beauty on the island of Mallorca in Spain. The dreamy island that provided inspiration to Chopin and Miró is our destination for this Exclusive, All-Inclusive Retreat.

For the first time ever BOLD Method™ for Birth founder Karen Brody and Stephanie Larson, Founder of Dancing For Birth™, and are joining together to hold a dance & sleep-based meditation retreat and training.

In an intimate group setting you’ll gain unparralleled access to us and hands-on experience with dance + yoga nidra meditation, two life-changing, birth-changing tools.… READ MORE

Be a Radical Change Agent for Childbirth

BOLDMauicastBOLD is a community of change agents who believe in the power and impact a group of people can make who are dedicated to changing the culture of birth.

Train with us.

BOLD Birth Facilitator

Yoga Nidra Meditation for Birth and Postpartum

Forget safety. The world needs radical change agents to be BOLD about childbirth now.

Here’s to being BOLD,
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Giving Birth BOLDly

When you were growing up what images, words, or phrases do you remember receiving about childbirth? Pretty scary? You’re not alone.

We are living at a time when it is essential to be BOLD about birth and dig deep into the truth about birth + the truth of who you are to give birth. Does that mean you must give birth naked on a mountaintop or in a pool of water? No. A BOLD Birth asks you to be still and in that stillness…when you are fully awake and aware….conscious… make birth choices from that sweet spot.… READ MORE

An Impromptu dialogue between Ina May Gaskin and BOLD founder Karen Brody

Some days are just meant to be…my grandmother called it ‘beshert.’ And so it was when I popped over to see Ina May Gaskin – the ‘Mother of Midwifery’ – interviewed at a national radio station blocks from my house. Lisa Reagan of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine was there with a cameraman. They asked us to sit down and just chat. And that’s what we did. Birthing Babies. The play. All of it. Enjoy.
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