8 day of bliss in Mallorca


Come spend a deeply restorative week in July surrounded by majestic beauty on the island of Mallorca in Spain. The dreamy island that provided inspiration to Chopin and Miró is our destination for this Exclusive, All-Inclusive Retreat.

For the first time ever BOLD Method™ for Birth founder Karen Brody and Stephanie Larson, Founder of Dancing For Birth™, and are joining together to hold a dance & sleep-based meditation retreat and training.

In an intimate group setting you’ll gain unparralleled access to us and hands-on experience with dance + yoga nidra meditation, two life-changing, birth-changing tools. (+21 CEUs!).

To learn more about the retreat click here.

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Don’t have the money but feel a big YES to join us? Payment plans are available. Just be BOLD and ask: theteam@boldbirthmethod.com

Giving Birth BOLDly

When you were growing up what images, words, or phrases do you remember receiving about childbirth? Pretty scary? You’re not alone.

We are living at a time when it is essential to be BOLD about birth and dig deep into the truth about birth + the truth of who you are to give birth. Does that mean you must give birth naked on a mountaintop or in a pool of water? No. A BOLD Birth asks you to be still and in that stillness…when you are fully awake and aware….conscious… make birth choices from that sweet spot.

We believe you knowingly know what kind of birth you want. The fear of birth that is translated through media and comments from friends and family is just one side of the coin. What if you acknowledged all of that, plus it’s opposite and then did a BOLD act: you held what Marion Woodman calls “The Tension of the Opposites.” It’s from this still point where you are your most powerful.

What about book knowledge? Yes, we love the mind. Fill yourself up with book knowledge. But please don’t forget the heart. A BOLD birth is both head and heart. That’s when your soul dances, twirls, and welcomes your baby into a world of well-being.

If you’re pregnant or planning to be here are 3 Steps you can take be BOLD right now.

Step One: Connect with your BODY. Do some form of breath work or movement every day. Commit to sitting in the sun for seven minutes and breathing deeply and consciously. Take a powerful yoga nidra nap. Put on music and dance in a room by yourself for 10 minutes with your eyes closed.

Step Two: Find your Authentic Voice. After you move, put your hand over your heart and ask yourself for an image. Word. Or phrase that describes how you’re feeling. Really follow your breath…the energy of the breath…the current of air…and notice where it arrives. Ask your image, word, or phrase from this place. Write it down and be curious. Love on it.

Step Three: Take Action. Once you’re firmly in your body and connected with your authentic voice your internal power switch is turned on. It’s from here that you want to commit to taking action in your pregnancy. Write down your vision for your birth and then one way you’re going to commit to that vision.

Please remember that pregnancy is a journey and you are the shero. Yes, there will be obstacles…they happen…but ultimately nothing can steer you away from the truth of who you are. That is always available to you.

If you are wanting to go deeper the BOLD Method for Birth is part of a movement based on my play Birth. We might be right for you. Our movement has been shining BOLDness around the world since 2006, our method since 2010. Our culture is shifting at rapid speed and women are shifting too…wanting more from their birth experience, realizing that while a healthy baby is a birth goal it’s not the whole story. Today women are demanding a healthy self. If you’re wanting this then we may be a good fit. Our facilitators are deep listeners + wise mentors on your BOLD journey. If you feel like it’s time to be BOLD check out our classes or train with us.

Here’s to being BOLD.

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An Impromptu dialogue between Ina May Gaskin and BOLD founder Karen Brody

Some days are just meant to be…my grandmother called it ‘beshert.’ And so it was when I popped over to see Ina May Gaskin – the ‘Mother of Midwifery’ – interviewed at a national radio station blocks from my house. Lisa Reagan of Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine was there with a cameraman. They asked us to sit down and just chat. And that’s what we did. Birthing Babies. The play. All of it. Enjoy.
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Childbirth education: an A-HA moment

aimeeYears ago, I had an “a-ha” moment after finishing a year-long childbirth education program in NYC. I had felt well versed and knowledgeable about the evidence-based research when it came to birth and teaching childbirth education, but I had a very clear feeling that “there has to be another way to teach this material.” Often, during our class discussions that year, there was a sense that we all felt the need to walk the fine line between offering comprehensive information to our clients and, on the other hand, being afraid to give so much information that we scared our clients away.

When the BOLD Method for birth training first surfaced my ears perked up and I was immediately reminded of that moment. This was my answer to finding a complement to a physiologically based childbirth course, and to introducing a new birthing paradigm. I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the three month pre-launch course. It proved to be an intense summer — completing a program that’s normally completed in 6 months into 12 weeks — but I was determined. And besides, I was completely engaged and drawn into the curriculum.

In order for a shift to happen in childbirth, we as educators need to recognize where our own body of knowledge is coming from and how we share and teach this material. I realized that in connecting to the feminine, which is at the core of The BOLD METHOD for Birth, I was shifting — not only in how I was thinking about childbirth but also in how I was teaching it to pregnant women and the families that I worked with.

How can we, as agents of change, truly make an impact if we’re not questioning where our own birth pedagogy originates? Do we feel as if only scientific evidence will legitimize our work, while undervaluing other kinds of evidence that we hold in our minds, our hearts, and in our bodies? While I value and stay up to date with birth research, I also recognize that pregnant women need more, and that as a childbirth educator and doula, I need more! I need the power of the feminine to balance and ground my work.

I feel a deep desire to explore fear, the feminine, spirituality, energy, empowerment, and love with women. Intuitive wisdom is just as important to me as the latest research on breastfeeding or the impact that medications have on laboring women. I continue to want to go deeper and I want women in my class to have that opportunity for depth as well. I want pregnant moms to feel like they have the tools to do the work themselves before labor starts. As a doula, I know how important it is for pregnant women to take accountability for their birth experience. I also know how vital holding sacred space is – for myself and for everyone else in the room, especially the laboring mom.

When I found BOLD’s training, I was looking for a skill set that wasn’t afraid to challenge what is not working for women within the dominant paradigm of birth – a paradigm that has been built primarily on fear, and the management and medicalization of women’s bodies. I love that The BOLD METHOD for Birth doesn’t make women feel they’ve failed if they don’t “get it right.” There is no right or wrong when we’re guiding women to discover their own truth. Owning that truth as a doula and educator has given me the strength to truly support women, without an agenda. True empowerment is an invitation to wake up to the truth of one’s self. That truth isn’t dependent on a birth outcome. Rather, it gives permission for everything that shows up at a birth to be a tool for deeper awakening.

This program supported me to take the journey from fear to freedom. Embracing The BOLD METHOD for Birth gave me that foundation. I have been using these methods for over a year now and experiencing the joy in extending this invitation of empowerment to the pregnant women I teach as well as to those I witness and support as their doula.

If you want to Train with us check out our next enrollment period.