“This training is exactly what I’ve been seeking my whole life!”
- Michelle Haywood, doula, Calgary, Ontario


Do you crave to see the day when every pregnant woman gives birth knowing her body rocks?

BOLD2007 Maui Jeana and Kala at Rehearsal

Are you tired of hearing another birth story where a mother gets told “your baby is too big” so “you must have a c-section immediately” – and she goes, no questions asked?

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Do you believe in the power of stillness, movement, and listening to the whispers deep within the soul?


The BOLD Method™ for Birth is a childbirth empowerment method created to help birth professionals change the culture of birth and at the same time have profound shifts in their energy and confidence to lead pregnant women back to their innate wisdom to give birth.

What is unique about our certification program?

• We teach you our Body-Voice-Action™ forumula – a “powerful poetic union between women’s empowerment and childbirth education” – to use with our mindfulness-based tools or with your existing childbirth techniques.

• We are the only childbirth certification program that teaches yoga nidra meditation, a sleep-based meditation technique. All of our certified instructors get our advanced online training as a bonus after certification.
• Our BOLD Birth 4-Step Empowerment Method is deeply rooted in community organizing theory and practices that are used globally to shift cultural mindsets, leading pregnant women to make birth decisions that result in more satisfying birth outcomes.
• When you enroll you get to go at your own pace in our online training center plus be supported live each month via phone, web & Skype with our founder Karen Brody and connect with the BOLD Method for Birth sisterhood for one year on our private Facebook page.
• We pair each student with a certified instructor who’ll be your mentor throughout the training so you’re never alone.
• We take changing the culture of birth seriously, but we do it with an open heart, cheerful optimism, and the ability to laugh at times at the absurdity of the birth crisis. #what’supwiththebabyistoobigscaretactic?
This certification program is about restoring the feminine landscape. What do we mean by that? We believe it’s essential that women reconnect to that wild place inside of them. There are no words for this place. Like birth, it’s a mystery. But what we do know is that when women are still, when they are encouraged to move, when they are given tools to feel their feelings and stand in the truth of who they are that’s when they are free. That’s when they take responsibility for their birth experiences and give birth with strength, power, and courage.

How It Works

Step 1:

At your own pace you complete 11 modules in our online student center. You have up to one year from the time of enrollment to complete the training although typically it takes approximately 3-6 months to complete.

Step 2:

If you choose to certify you complete a series of written questions after each module and then submit your paperwork to us for approval.

Step 3:

Once your written work is approved we assign a practical class to teach at least 2 pregnant women. You’ll fill out a self-assessment form and they’ll fill out class evaluations. Then you’re certified for life. (yes, no renewal needed)

“The training with Karen was a spiritual journey for me, as a doula. And now it will be so for all the women who I support in giving birth.”
- Akiko Kimura

“As a doula, the bond I form with my ‘client’ is crucial as we navigate her birth landscape. I feel that the methods and techniques that were outlined in this program are a wonderful way to do so. Facilitating self-empowerment in pregnant women is such an important measure in ‘reclaiming birth’ in our culture. This course has given countless ways to reclaim birth, and I look forward to sharing what I have learned with pregnant Mamas!”

- Teresa Martini
“I love that there are so many different “tools” to help all kinds of women – that will meet all different kinds of women wherever they’re at in their birth journeys. I love that it’s all about empowerment and helping women tap into their own intuition and authentic selves. I also really like that each woman teaching the BOLD method will be able to customize it for her own personality, teaching style, and the women she serves.”
- Ashley Sanchez

Our Curriculum

Module 1: Yoga Nidra Meditation. Learn a deeply restorative sleep-based meditation technique that helps moms feel less stress, sleep better, and feel happier.
Module 2: Mother-Centered Breathing techniques. Five conscious breathing techniques to help moms relax, calm down and come back into rhythm.
Module 3: Mother-Centered Movement. Learn creative movement to help moms release birth baggage, cultivate energy in their womb, and find their feminine core before they give birth.
Module 4: Mother-Centered Journaling. We teach you unique techniques to encourage moms to discover truths about themselves that will set them free to give birth centered in the truth of who they are.
Module 5: Mother-Centered Storytelling. Stories reveal deep places in our soul. This module gives you tools to help moms follow their intuition and problem solve under stress using cutting edge storytelling techniques from fairytales and Pablo Freire’s theatre of the oppressed.
Module 6: Honoring the Feminine. Yes, an entire module on finding power and joy in the female body and coming into rhythm with a slow-down, intuitive side that is much under-valued in our culture yet much needed especially in pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Module 7: BOLD Method for Birth Empowerment Plan. Learn a 4-step empowerment plan – used by community organizers worldwide – to mobilize a woman to take engaged action in her pregnancy and birth.
Module 8: Using the play Birth to inspire action. We teach you creative ways to use three stories in the play Birth to move pregnant women to take action that’s thoughtful, evidence-based, and anchored in the truth of who they are.
Module 9: The Seven Power Centers. Learn an ancient energetic system for firing up all areas of the body for deep healing and revitalization.
Module 10: Bringing It All Together (part 1). Go deep into creating unique curriculums that sing to moms. We’ll show you how to customize each class using our Body-Voice-Action approach.
Module 11: Bringing It All Together (part 2): We’ll teach you some of our favorite teaching tips to keep moms and their partners engaged in their bodies during transition times plus prepare you for certification.


Module 12: The Empowered Birth Professional. This module is geared to supporting you to manage the stress of being a birth professional and thrive in your mind, body, and spirit. (to be honest, the entire training does this too!).

“The BOLD Method is not about the “right” way to give birth or the “wrong” way to give birth. It goes beyond those social constraints to something deeper. It guides a woman into herself and helps facilitate the space and expression of her own unique journey in this wild rite of passage we call birth. It allows a woman to own her body and her voice and to give birth to her baby, to herself, and to her life in the way that is best for HER.”

- Allyson Ayers

The BOLD Method for Birth Certification Program
costs $597

Sorry, open enrollment is over for 2014. You can enter our certification program this year if you come to us via one of our partners or a workshop/retreat taught by our founder Karen Brody. Have questions? Contact us at theteam@boldbirthmethod.com.

1 Payment

3 Payments


Refund Policy

If you take the training and are not completely satisfied within the first 2 weeks from the time of enrollment we’ll give you your money back. No refunds can be made after 2 weeks into the training.

Who is Karen Brody?

Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 7.31.37 PMKaren is a writer, mother, and founder of the BOLD movement including The BOLD Method for birth and Bold Tranquility, a yoga nidra meditation company. She is also the playwright of Birth her critically acclaimed globally produced play, hailed “The Vagina Monologues for childbirth.” Karen is trained in mindfulness-based techniques including yoga nidra meditation, conscious breathwork, and she was a community organizer with women’s groups around the world for over a decade. She is a certified Amrit Method of yoga nidra teacher and a level 1 trained teacher in the Integrative Restoration (iRest) yoga nidra method. In addition to The BOLD Method for Birth she teaches birth professionals around the world an advanced yoga nidra meditation training program for pregnancy and postpartum moms. Karen lives with her British husband, two boys and their chocolate lab in Washington, DC.
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