The BOLD Method for Birth’s mission is to support pregnant moms to have a healthy birth experiences on a mental, physical, and emotional level. Our facilitators are trained to offer you mindfulness-based tools that empower you to make birth choices firmly rooted in the truth of who you are.

We believe birth is normal and that mothers know how to give birth. Our tools help you remember what you already know.

Some of our facilitators use only The BOLD Method for Birth tools, others sprinkle our tools into their current curriculum. We give them lots of freedom to do this so they can meet you right where you are + help you have an empowered birth.

What are some of the benefits when you take a BOLD Method for Birth class?

Reduction in stress
Sharper concentration
Elevated mood
Decrease in anxiety



Left-brainers, you need this class!! I too am a left-brainer, I deal with the great unknown by planning for it. You know, lists with check boxes, information, research, understanding the different possible scenarios—researching those and planning for those… and this method worked for me. So when the original birth class I signed up for was cancelled and I found myself without a class quite near my due date, I started to panic (All planner-left brain types know that a class is one of the best ways to find out more info and think of new lists to write!).

One of the only classes that was in the right time slot was The BOLD Method for Birth class— but it looked a bit too free spirited-out there for me. But I kept coming back to it, and I finally signed up. Turns out it was just what I needed… Were parts of it a bit hippy/out there? Yes, they were. Was there a strict syllabus? No, there was not. But it turns out that birth and pregnancy and the expectancy of bringing a child into this world is not as much of a left brained activity anyway. And someone like me needed some rather intensive right brain training and experience to prepare.

So, if you are on the fence about taking the class and wondering if you will get anything out of it.. the answer is yes, you will. When I was signing up, I really just wanted to skip to the couples (more practical) class. I am so glad that I had to take the BOLD Method for Birth class too. Yes, a couples’ class is more practical and teaches you all sorts of things BUT without the emotional preparation—the practical class is just going through the motions—helpful, but not complete. This BOLD Method for Birth class was complete.”

Cara Vaughan Houshmand

What tools are used?

Our classes are like treating yourself to a day at the spa with our unique BOLD twist of childbirth empowerment. We use everything from yoga nidra meditation, a sleep-based meditation technique to breathwork to movement to journaling…with the goal to help you unwind, restore and dive deeper into your pregnancy. We also use unique empowerment tools to help you create a birth vision that’s practical and heart-based.

Who is this class for?

Classes are designed to help pregnant mothers at any stage in their pregnancy. Right-brainers who throw logic to the wind immediately get our method; left brainers tend to be skeptical initially, but after taking our class rave at how it helped them clear out their emotional baggage and ties and this cleared the way for a smooth birth process.

One thing we know for sure at The BOLD Method for Birth is that if you don’t deal with your emotional baggage before your birth, you will have to deal with it in labor.

The problem for most pregnant mothers is that (1) they don’t think about clearing emotional baggage before they give birth and (2) they don’t know where or how to start.

The beauty with taking a The BOLD Method or Birth class is that you don’t have to figure out the process to clear emotional “birth baggage.” You just need a loving guide to help facilitate the process. And that’s the role our BOLD Method for Birth facilitators play.

“For anyone expecting or planning to have a baby this class would be perfect for you and your spouse! All ages and very informative. You’ll leave with a greater knowledge of how you feel birth should be experienced. Well worth my time! Even if this isn’t your first child you’ll broaden your horizons on the birthing experience. Highly recommend!”

Marchia Anna Miller

Is there evidence that any of these tools work?

Yes! Research studies have shown that many of our tools help you manage stress, fatigue, pain, elevate mood, improve concentration, sleep better, and much more. Just our yoga nidra meditation alone is backed heavily by science.

Ready to be BOLD?

If you are pregnant you can find a certified BOLD Method for Birth facilitator here.

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