The BOLD Method for Birth

Pregnant with sea backgroundThe Bold Method for Birth is a program designed to help moms mentally prepare for pregnancy and childbirth. We tend to think of birth preparation in terms of learning the physiology and keeping our body in shape. Our method believes mental fitness is also an essential ingredient to a satisfying birth experience. BOLD Method for Birth certified facilitators teach you mindfulness-based tools using our 3-step formula to help you powerfully navigate your pregnancy and birth. Preparing your mind for birth helps you sleep better, improves your concentration, and sets you up to experience a joyful pregnancy and birth.

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Deep Rest for Mom
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Mindfulness. Sleep. Sisterhood. Deep Rest for Mom is a program that focuses on providing mothers rest and profound relaxation using a sleep-based meditation technique known as yoga nidra meditation. Imagine The Red Tent meets Sleep. Yoga nidra is scientifically known to help improve sleep, mood, concentration and more. Many people claim one hour of yoga nidra feels like the equivalent of four hours of sleep. In addition to practicing yoga nidra meditation you will also have an opportunity to sit in sisterhood with other moms and receive support and encouragement on your mothering journey. This program is perfect for tired moms at all stages of motherhood.

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